Jamai Sasthi

Chowringhee Road

chowringhee Jawaharlal Nehru Road dharamtala

The artery that runs along the Maidan is the largest park Jawaharlal Nehru Road, better known as Chowringhee Road, which is overlooked by numerous monuments. In front of the Victoria Memorial stands the Cathedral of St. Paul, built in the Indo-Gothic style between 1838 and 1847, and the Academy of Fine Arts Nearby is then visible the dome of the Birla Planetarium, one of the largest in the world.

Continuing along Nehru Road, meets the Indian Museum, certainly one of the greatest in Asia, erected in 1875 in Florentine Renaissance style, spread over three floors and contains valuable works of art: sculptures greek Buddhist Gandhara era, bronzes of Tamil Nadu, prehistoric artifacts, inscriptions and Islamic objects, and collections of natural history and tissues of south India, Gujarat and other Indian states, ending with Tibetan paintings, miniatures and more. Here is also the area night owl of Calcutta Park Street, which is teeming with life day and night.

Later in Lindsay Street, home to the New Market, better known by the locals as Hogg's Market. As in almost all Asian cities, the market is full of everything, live animals and strange included. The city English includes some other monuments of great interest: the High Court, courthouse Gothic built in 1872, the St. John's Church, the oldest church in the city, ending with the Writer's Building, a massive neoclassical building built in 1880. Formerly the site of the East India Company, is now home to ministries and government offices.

The 'lung' of the modern city is made up of the Maidan, a huge open area used by the inhabitants for the games of cricket and football matches, political rallies, yoga classes and grazing cows. The area is large enough to accommodate the massive Fort William, still in use: tourists can be accessed only if equipped with a special permission which is rarely granted. At the southern end of the Maidan is the great Victoria Memorial in white marble, with a clumsy statue of Queen Victoria in front, which houses a large collection of historic objects Anglo-Indians.

Chowringhee, south of Howrah Bridge, you will find a number of hotels, clubs and cheap bars. Sudder St, at the height of Chowringhee Rd, is a focal point for those traveling on a budget. In this area there are also many cinemas, where they are screened Indian films, new films and their Hollywood cousins ​​of Bollywood. Calcutta is a paradise for shoppers, especially since a clean-up campaign has driven the hawkers from the pavements, but the New Market, north of Sudder St, is a good place to negotiate the price of goods ranging from clothing to tools made of bamboo.


  1. It looks far more elegant than Piccadilly Circus, great light and lights too.


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