Jamai Sasthi

Queens Mansion Kolkata


Galstaun Mansion or more popularly Queens Mansion, have the distinction of being the largest mansion in Calcutta. Completed in 1923, it has a large frontage and from its roof splendid views of Calcutta and the river beyond can be obtained. The Mansion is a synthesis of Renaissance architecture, Baroque and Rococo within the city walls. The Mansion was built in the place of existing buildings.

The Mansion was converted into a pawnshop, while it host the contemporary art exhibitions and cultural activities. It is a building modulated on three levels, but particularly slender also for the presence of two mezzanine, in the attic and between the ground floor and first floor.

The main portal, in a central position, is round-headed and developed in height, on a white ashlar that characterizes the first level and the mezzanine, inspired by the facades Renaissance. The first of the two planes is noble path from the balustrade, above which are placed seven monofore to all sixth with mask in key, between which are placed the semi- ionic.

A wide string course separates this level from the second floor, which has regularly arranged the seven windows, but here each of rectangular shape and topped by gable between them are interposed symmetrically of the large half-columns of Corinthian order, which also affect the mezzanine level, at the level of which they rest on sections of lintel, in turn resting on the thin frame of the roof. The latter, in a central position, has two dormers.