Monday, November 21, 2011

Salt Lake

The offices of large companies are gradually moving in Sector 5 of Salt Lake City. To the north of the Maidan park, Esplanade was the center of the colonial city and is today the administrative district and also to the business, although many companies have chosen to relocate their headquarters to the nearby city model of Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City has a neat appearance with some luxury hotels such as the Hyatt Regency, preferred by business people and wealthy. The area is located north-east of the center about 12 miles from Park Street. Housed in the satellite town of Salt Lake City, the Nicco Park is the Disneyland of Calcutta. Aquatica as the name suggests, is an Aquatic water park. It is located in Salt Lake City, close to Nicco Park which is connected by a free shuttle bus. Maybe in a sultry city as Calcutta is the most desirable of the parks. Too bad it's so far from the center! 

The slides have various shapes and evocative names Black Hole, Niagara Falls, Tornado and Aqua Dance Floor. Wave Pool in particular is a swimming pool which is simulated ad hoc the swell of the sea. Higher class hotels are located in Salt Lake City, definitely the place to stay for those who are not interested in the monuments of the center.

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