Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Trincas Kolkata

Trincas, is a public place where they serve alcohol especially beer to be consumed on the spot, usually sitting comfortably. In pubs have traditionally practiced games such as darts, skittles, dominoes, cards and billiards, though nowadays are catching modern games such as video games or slot machines.

Usually every pub has its regulars, who chooses that place for a variety of reasons proximity to their home or workplace, attractions personal details, such as the presence of their friends, the availability of a certain type of beer, presence of non-smoking areas or, conversely, a place to smoke freely, or maybe the presence of his team darts.

With increasing competition, many pub decided to abandon the profession to devote himself exclusively to the sale under license. These changes were driven by the need to expand the spaces where customers could sit down, mainly due to the growth in the number of tourists following the end of the disorder. Although some of the pubs listed above have been expanded over time, in all cases the features were preserved areas of the counters as they were originally, and this can be considered as typical examples.

The first signs were often not painted but consisted of instruments linked to the production process such as bunches of hops or tools of production that were suspended above the door of the pub. In some cases they were used local nicknames, farming terms and puns. The signs were often evoked also local historical events, natural or religious symbols.

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