Jamai Sasthi

Nicco Park

Set up in Salt Lake, on the eastern fringe of Kolkata, Nicco park is an amusement park covering an area of 40 acres with a variety of fascinating and interesting rides including Asia's largest wooden roller coaster.

Nicco park is a picnic area, with entrance fee, in which a person can have fun for one or more days taking advantage of attractions and shows. From the economic point of view is usually a matter of structures created and managed by private companies. The concept of the amusement park as it is understood today was born mainly in the United States with Disneyland in the fifties. Unlike the amusement park, which can be defined as an area with free admission where they are exhibited mechanical attractions that can also be dismantled and transported in this case we speak of Luna Park itinerant, the amusement park has the basic idea of the realization of a world or a great city, where the visitor can become estranged from reality.

The winning idea of the amusement park in fact lies not in the individual attractions within it but in the recreation of an imaginary place, with roads and main streets, shops, restaurants and transportation. Before Disneyland like structures are in fact absent. It can lead to against the example of the amusement park of Coney Island in New York where at the beginning of the twentieth century could prove impressive sights from the wooden structure is not very different, such as mechanical principle, those who today are also found in major theme parks: inclined planes, loops, boats coming down in sheets of water wetting the occupants are actually simple celebrations of the physical laws but not recreate the fantasy world that characterizes a theme park.

However, once established and imitated the model of Disneyland, which was followed in 1971 by the opening of Florida's second largest park Disney the current Walt Disney World Resort, in the United States is to create a significant contrast to the creation of worlds fantastic fictitious. You come to realize that in fact the amusement park does not have as potential users only children and their families but also teens and adults wanting to experience strong emotions. In the seventies, therefore, claim the first major Disney parks not die born chains such as Six Flags and Cedar Fair, which exhibit essentially mechanical and attractions designed for an older audience.

The Parks of Cedar Point in Ohio and Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles are examples that begin at this time to build, year after year, rollercoaster ever higher and more majestic, throwing each other in fact a real challenge to the record of the most exciting. In 1976 , for example, the park of Cedar Point opens first rollercoaster stable loop the loop large. In response, in 1978 the park Six Flags Magic Mountain opens a huge rollercoaster in wood with double track.

In light of this, today, after the huge success in Europe of the big roller coasters, a carousel thrill tends to disappear from the theme park-type it in Europe because the guests are still generally the whole day and not a few hours, as normally happens in the amusement park; as a result, illnesses and nausea guests in a theme park is equivalent to creating customer dissatisfaction. However, this concept varies from nation to nation, because in the USA and in many German parks, the thrill ride still receives widespread acceptance.

In general, however, today we tend to invest in attractions that may affect as many people as possible and age as more heterogeneous such as dark rides and water rides as Escape from Atlantis to Gardaland relegated to only roller coaster in the sector in which invest in the face of strong emotions; moreover, the structural grandeur of the roller coaster becomes a symbol of the park and gives the greatness to the amusement park, in fact for many years Sierra Thunderer was an important element of the skyline of Wonderland.