Jamai Sasthi

Durga Visarjan


Durga Visarjan is marked by immersing effigies of the Goddess Durga in water. Also called Nimajjan, it is the concluding event in the tenth day of the Durga Puja. Durga is a divine figure, feminine and maternal, the object of worship in different religions and even outside of Hinduism itself eg. religion of the Sikhs is considered to be the consort of Shiva and is one with Kali as such had bestowed even human sacrifice. In Tantrism śivaitico is the primordial cosmic power of the feminine nature, combined with Shiva conceived as masculine principle.

Uma Goddess of Hinduism, one of the manifestations of Shakti of Shiva, next to Kali, Durgā , Parvati etc. The ratio of Śiva with U become a fundamental characterization of the god in Some Siddhanta Saivite sect that worshiped the god with the name of Soma. A remarkable position of the goddess in you Rasayana, address alchemical yoga whose aim was the establishment of an incorruptible body through the use of alchemical mercury rasa, as the product of the union of Shiva and Uma.

Parvati One of the many epithets with which it is designated the Indian goddess consort of Shiva. It means belonging to the mountain, as the goddess is the daughter of the king of the mountains that is the Himalayas. She is the mother of Skanda, the god of war.