Jamai Sasthi

Dhaaki Durga Puja

Dhaaki bengal durga puja dhak

Dhakis are traditional drummers who play the dhak during Durga Puja. In combat, during which the demon takes many forms including that of a buffalo, the Goddess decapitates the demon with his sword. For this reason it is often called Mahishasuramardini, the one who defeated the demon Mahisha.

Durga represents the victory of good over darkness of evil, a strength to the female warrior and an emanation of Shakti, the creative energy. In his other incarnations such as Annapurna, Bhadra or Parvati is more motherly and sweet. dedicated to her in the sequence we find forms that speak of the different aspects of the Goddess and one of the figures most associated with her ​​in the myth Kali. Shakti means strength, power, feminine energy, is the manifestation of the divine feminine. The veneration of the various forms of Shakti is widespread in India.

Towards the middle of the first millennium is stated in the Asian sub-continent a new current spiritual and religious: the Shaktism. A variety of shapes of the great mother went to work alongside the pre-existing Hindu male deities forming the divine couples. This current also greatly influenced Buddhism so that the various figures of the Buddha were joined by a female figure. The male deity who is the unchanging joins the female deity representing the strength, power, and therefore the divine energy. A true religious revolution which also corresponds to a new spiritual view. In the seventh century AD the Shaktism produced its sacred texts: the Tantra.

The deepest roots of Shaktism and Tantrism can be identified in the worship of the great mother of nations prevedici. Cults which are similar in all the rest of the world and bring us back to the origins of spirituality. Kali or Durga , black mothers in most ancient cultures, black goddesses in ancient Greece or black Madonnas Christian from a single prototype. An archaic divinity that has withstood the sexist traditions, such as the Vedic, and that has resurfaced with new vitality with the worship of Durga and Kali in all their forms.

Durga, the great mother, was born from the union of all the energies of the male divinities worn down by the endless fight with the Asuras demons. In his many arms door emblems of all the gods. Its strength is frightening. The goddess defeats Mahishasura, a demon so powerful as to affect the balance of the entire universe. Kills him several times but each time the demon still stands stronger than assuming ever more dire. Finally, thanks to the energy obtained by drinking a cup of sacred wine, Durga cut off the head of finally killing the demon Mahishasura. Finally, the Devas gods can breathe a sigh of relief and solemnly honored Durga is also called since then Mahishasuramardini the one who killed the great demon Mahisha