Jamai Sasthi

Durga Puja Jharbati

Chandelier jhar bati puja

Durga Puja Pandals are synonymous with beautiful chandeliers lighting the whole pandal. Technically, a chandelier is a lighting system suspended from the ceiling which may favor a more rational and wide light distribution, but their history and their light has much more charm than a mere technical description. 

Initially manufactured in wood or metal, in the seventeenth century began to use the glass due to its refractive distributed more light around him. In the Middle Ages the shapes of the light fixtures were a crown or cross used mainly within the churches, in the mid 600 began to experiment with new forms such as the classical column, or with central support and long arms supplied pendants in the form of drops or spirals faceted, these lamps were also used in homes. 

In Venice, in the seventeenth century, Giuseppe Briati chandeliers created called locks consisting of a metal structure covered with transparent or colored glass decorated with flowers, fruits and leaves, as the Venetian glass was not suitable to facet, processing preferred instead other countries where they used the crystal. 

At the beginning of 700 in London after the chandeliers with iron frame and glass ornaments were followed with the central stalk covered with glass globes ending with a big glass bowl from which departed arms with glass candle holders. 

The glass pendants added from the XVIII were followed by drops and spirals faceted typical of the Rococo period. In the neoclassical period in both France and England were fashionable chandeliers urn with ornaments and 800 prismatic metal parts were hidden gems and crystal pendants. In other countries, however, the same structures were visible but decorated with necklaces and gems of faceted glass, the stem was in Austria in gilded wood and lacquered always enriched crystals. 

800 lighting candles was supplanted by kerosene lamps and lighting gas, then appeared new forms of chandeliers, one of the earliest and most important examples of chandeliers that use gas lighting is present in the the banquet hall of the Royal Pavilion Brighton, designed by Robert Jones in 1828. The chandeliers of the modern age have purely decorative features designed to enhance the characteristics of the environment and to blend in with the surrounding decor.