Monday, September 29, 2014

Bagbazar Sarbojanin Durgotsav

Bagbazar Sarbojanin durga puja

Bagbazar Sarbojanin is one of the oldest Durga Pujas in Kolkata, having been in existence for around 100 years. With an emphasis on tradition and culture, it always attracts the crowds with its strikingly beautiful idol of Goddess Durga. Generally it refers to Parvati, the consort or wife of Shiva, the incarnation of the Goddess Mother. The use of the female deity understood as a mother is very old.

That is not the Hindu Mother Goddess of Semitic type venerated in Western Asia. Hindu Mother Goddess has retained the character of a goddess of war. And 'the gods fighting and slaying the Asuras, enemies of the Devas. Its important that the worship of Durga, accompanied by animal sacrifices, has survived only in the regions where it was or is traceable Hindu aristocracy like Nepal or Bengal. worship of the Mother Goddess is well illustrated in the   Markandeya Purana . Sul generic plan there is no difference between Durga and Kali.

They are different iconography and worship. Durga is often depicted with 10 arms and in the act of piercing the chest of Mahisha. He has a benign smiling face. The body is usually yellow or gold, enriched with sumptuous dresses. In India it is customary to celebrate the goddess by building the statue and then throwing it in the water, the water that carries all and purifies everything. Kali is instead the black, the terrifying goddess.

In the Rig Veda is defined as one of the seven black tongues of Agni, the god of fire. Kali is the destroyer, but such destruction brings new life, new generation represented as a naked goddess the absence of clothing highlights the lack of any maya, illusion of all. Even her four arms hold instruments of death. Death and life. Destruction and creation. As Durga, the Mother Goddess and food pantry prosperity to mankind. In this capacity becomes Annapurna, She who is full of food.

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