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Kolkata Valentine Day

San Valentino, also known as Saint Valentine in Terni or Valentine from Interamna, was a Roman, martyr bishop. Venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church, by the Orthodox and later by the Anglican Church, is considered the patron saint of lovers and protector of epileptics.

The oldest Valentine is Martyrologium Hieronymianum, an official document of the Church of the buckets. V - VI where it appears his name and death anniversary. Even in the eighth century another document, Passio Sancti Valentini , tells us some details of martyrdom the torture, the beheading night, burial in Terni by the disciples Proculus, Efebo and Apollonius, the subsequent martyrdom of these and their burial.

However, it is uncertain whether this is a martyr than the priest who, according to another story Acta SS Marii, Marthe et sociorum was martyred under Claudius the Goth (then before 270 , the year of the death of this emperor), given that this was buried in Rome, in the catacombs to the second mile of the Via Flaminia that bear his name. Most probably it is the same person; some historians believe that the priest Valentine of Rome never existed.

Born into a family patrician, was converted to Christianity and consecrated bishop of Terni in 197, only 21 years old. In the year 270 Valentino was in Rome, arrived at the invitation of the speaker greek and latin Craton, to preach the Gospel and convert the pagans.

Invited by the emperor Claudius II the Gothic to suspend the religious celebration and to recant their faith, refused to do so, rather than trying to convert the emperor to Christianity. Claudius II pardoned him from execution entrusting it to a noble family.

Valentino was arrested a second time under Aurelian, who succeeded Claudius II. The empire continued in his persecution of Christians, and as the popularity of Valentino was growing, the Roman soldiers captured him and took him out of town along the Via Flaminia to scourge him, fearing that the population could rise to his defense. He was beheaded on February 14 273 , in 97 years, at the hands of the Roman soldier Furius Placidus, under the orders of the Emperor Aurelian.