Jamai Sasthi

St Pauls School

St Paul's School established in 1822 is one of the oldest school of Kolkata. The works for the construction of the new cathedral was entrusted to Major William Nairn Forbes in 1839. His first project was to build on the foundations of the old cathedral, but it was rejected. The second project was a church with a Greek cross with quarter-circle in the corners, but this was refused.

On this occasion, Forbes, to better present its projects built a 1:24 scale model, called the Great Model, still preserved in the crypt of the cathedral. The first stone was laid in 1839 by Bishop Daniel Wilson. The project included a small dome with a spire on top, gave him the freedom to modify the project as he wanted to redesigned the cathedral, which included a large central dome and two bell towers in the west.

The cathedral was completed on 1847. The event was used to open the doors of the cathedral. The next Sunday there was a huge crowd waiting to be able to enter the cathedral. The ceremony was attended and the Bishop. The Reverend recited Psalm 122: Let us go into the house of the lord. The crowd was divided between those who loved her and those who hated him, even though most of the people were amazed and astonished at the great work.