Jamai Sasthi

Engineers Day

The desire to bring the ambitions of future engineers to the needs of the labour market was the compelling motive, which led to the birth of the first edition of the Engineers Day. A moment of reflection and discussion, designed specifically to bring together two worlds intrinsically and inevitably eager to understand and complete to the best.

In parallel, the day represented by the participating companies the opportunity not only to promote the brand and its corporate vision, but the chance to meet new graduates and future engineers, snatch fullest potential, desires and employment goals. engineering is the discipline and profession that has as its objective the application of knowledge and the results of the sciences mathematics , physics and chemistry to the resolution of issues that contribute to the satisfaction of human needs in the society.

Engineering, applying the technical standards, provides methodologies, plans and specifications for the design, implementation and management of a good physique, a product or a service more or less complex, and more generally for the development and control of an industrial process through appropriate system. In this sense, engineering is an applied science closely related to the technique.

The word comes from the Latin ingenium, the same root as the word modern ingenuity. In the original meaning was understood to engineer an intelligent, practical, able to solve problems. The spelling of the word was then influenced by the word in Anglo engine motor and in fact an engineer in these countries, says engineer. The term has evolved to include all the fields in which the ability of the application of the scientific method are used.

The engineering historically was applied first in the context of military structures which are called departments of the military genius and then applied himself in the civil under the name of Civil Engineers. In this differentiation civil engineering was opposed to military engineering. With time, as they are differentiated from civil engineering to other areas of engineering.