Jamai Sasthi

Crescent Moon

Knowing the phases of the moon can be very useful in a variety of areas from agriculture to gestation, through the study of the character and personality of each of us. The Moon, the satellite of our planet Earth, has always been the subject of investigations and scientific studies, romantic serenades and evenings spent with its nose pointing toward the night sky studded with stars. A particular celestial body, able to influence a number of factors land, agriculture mood of the people. 

Find out if the crescent moon is waning or growing is quite simple the Moon is increasing in the period between its minimum brightness, ie, when it is only a scythe, until a few days before becoming full. This particular moment indicates that the natural direction of life and the trend is growing this applies to all living things, from plants to living beings and, for lovers of astronomy and astrology, even for projects that each of us has in the yard. A moment of strong positivity in short, auspicious for starting new roads at peak energies. 

Regarding the lunar phases, these describe the different aspect of the satellite during its motion around the Earth, and is repeated in an interval of approximately 29 and a half days.

Ancient customs related to astrology ensure that your hair cut during the waxing moon lead to a rapid re-growth and a thickening of the crown, due to the influence of energy on the planet in terms of expansion and upgrading. It is an ancient belief that has its roots in the world of magic, in which the rituals of purification and preparation for any spell were strictly marked by astrological calendar and lunar. In reality there are no studies that prove scientifically verified the influence of lunar phases on cutting or washing hair. 

Naturally treat the hair in the growing phase of the moon does not involve any negative effect, as long as it does not interfere with proper hygiene of the hair and scalp. To keep them clean and in good health, it takes 2 to 3 washes a week. The frequency can also be daily, as long as done with products that respect the hydrolipidic balance of the skin and hair without altering the ph. It is recommended, therefore, avoid those that are too aggressive or low-quality. 

If the moon has little or nothing about the status of the canopy, some much more powerful and is instead the action of certain atmospheric conditions, such as excessive moisture or a very dry air. Especially in the case of brittle hair from treatment incisors, such as dyes or excessive permanent, which alter irreversibly the structure. But, unless there are specific medical conditions that would prevent the normal regrowth, just wait patiently for the damaged portion to see their hair grow back healthy and normal.