Jamai Sasthi

Kolkata Fashion Week


The fashion industry in India has seen steady growth since the past ten years. The proof of it can be found in the fact that Designer Wear is now among the top ten key growth sectors in India, and sees his current rate of progress, it would be very surprising if one day the fashion industry is seen on the top slot in the coming years. Indian companies are increasingly investing in the Fashion Design Industry and today there are numerous outlets of designer clothing, jewelry, accessories in different parts of India that are doing great business.

The growth in the fashion industry in India is also due to the increased awareness of fashion among the youth of today. Teenagers are increasingly fashion conscious and are always looking to try out the latest fashion that is out of the market. So, to meet the demand, the Indian fashion design industry has to keep the search in the global marketplace for the latest styles and trends and upcoming start designing clothes suitable for the modern Indian market. In addition, there are global fashion brands entering the Indian market and increasing the options for the Indian customers.

The Indian media is also responsible for the increase in fashion consciousness among the people. programs and fashion shows held throughout India and the telecast of being on television is increasing awareness of fashion among people. Even a city like Calcutta of slow movement is not left out and there is an increase in the number of fashion designers in Calcutta as well as the fashion institutes in the city.

There are Indian and foreign fashion magazines Outlet handbags brands available in the Indian market today, which aim to spread the knowledge regarding the latest fashion trends and styles in the market, along with the best designers on the date and the best destinations for shopping. Thus, the modern Indian shopper is becoming aware of fashion and her business.

Fashion Designing is also a crucial field of study in India. There are many fashion designing institutes which are now established in the market with the excellent faculty and placement options with the best designers in the industry. Some of these institutions are being set up by the designers of fashion in India in order to spread awareness of the trade and do count India in the global fashion market.

Fashion design is not just limited to clothes. It has a number of other sectors including jewelry design, design accessories, shoes and even the design of hand-bag design. You can also take on professional courses under the above flows to establish a career for yourself is that the particular industry. And the best part of the fashion industry is that it is well paid along with all the media exposure that you get once you're very good trade. There are fashion shows regularly hosted in India, where the designers have the opportunity to present their creations. 

These fashion shows are a good platform for budding talents to showcase their creations in front of the media and make a mark for themselves in the fashion world. Next to the field of fashion design, photography has also found great prospects, because a job where fashion must be brought in front of the means of mass communication, you need a good photographer to choose the appropriate images of models posing in your creations.


  1. She's gorgeous! She looks like a human jewelry box!


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