Saturday, August 1, 2015

Victoria Memorial Night

The magical lighting effect every evening brings charm and beauty to the structure of Victoria Memorial. The Victoria Memorial, officially the Victoria Memorial Hall, is a building constructed in memory of Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of India, built in Calcutta, which at the time was the capital of British India. Currently it is a museum and the greatest tourist attraction of the city.

It was built by William Emerson in 1906 . He helped in the design and implementation, Vincent J. Esch were used for the construction of approximately 2,300 tons of white marble. Victoria Memorial, a monument perhaps best known we decide to walk. The streets are jammed with traffic and honking of colorful buses and yellow cabs characteristic sound continuously.

The sidewalks are narrow and full of people, as well as being encumbered by the small shacks that serve food to their patrons in the midst of confusion. There are many young students we meet, some of them greet us with a smile, but most people look fleetingly without intrusiveness. You notice a gradual Westernization of the costumes, even the traditional namaste with folded hands seems to have lost ground in Bengal and many prefer the handshake.


  1. A magnificent photo with the night lighting and the reflection on the water! Definitely a perfect postcard photo!
    Regards from EAGAN daily photo

  2. Yes, lights and night turn ordinary things into beauty and magic... this ornate building is a lovely place to begin with... nicely done!