Jamai Sasthi

Star Theatre

Star Theatre pride and the cradle of Bengals rich cultural history and one of the first institutions of commercial Bengali theatre built in 1883, along with The Minerva and The Classic Theatre is one of the most eminent heritage buildings of Kolkata.

The Star Theatre, one of the oldest theaters in the city, was inaugurated on 1883 with the performance of Girish Chandra Ghosh. In 1883 started the project of construction of the theater from a reassessment of the building and the tower of their property  a secondary part of the building was demolished to make room for the stage while the tower and other environments building were used to provide services for the theater and for the artists dressing rooms.

Theatre was originally built entirely of wood with the exception only of the walls and staircases. This room was designed with the shape of a horseshoe to better meet the needs of acoustic and visual. The audience, paved with wooden planks, was completed by forty rows of benches while boxes were arranged in six rows. The Star Theatre, according to the evidence presented by foreign visitors in the eighteenth century, was considered the most important among the Bengalis.


  1. what a grand theater! Lovely to see it at night! how about a photo inside, too? (hint, hint)


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