Jamai Sasthi

Kolkata Shiva Lingam

The Shiva Lingam is a stone whose beneficial effects on the person and use for ritual purposes dates back to ancient times. The Shiva Lingam contain the highest vibration of all stones on earth. They give off a vibe that cleanses your sacred space or home. The stone represents both the male energy that the feminine energy: its shape represents the male aspect of creation, while the signs on it, a shade of brown that tends to red, are considered auspicious and symbolize Yoni, the female aspect of creation.

The Shiva Lingam represents the union of polarities and the unification of the forces of creation, the Cosmic Egg from which all creation has emerged. The energetic effect of the stone as a whole is the activation energy sacred kundalini rising up the spine activating the chakras and bringing health and enlightenment.

The Shiva Lingam have different meanings in Hindu culture symbolizing both the man and the woman as well as the cosmic egg from which all creation has emerged. Symbols of the primordial energy of the Creator of the Shiva Lingam is also seen as a representation of the infinite Cosmic Column of fire.

According to Swami Sivananda the Linga represents the Nirguna Brahman , formless and without attributes, ol Supreme formless, Shri Shiva , which is the essence indivisible, pervasive, eternal, auspicious, ever pure, immortal of the vast universe, the soul immortal sitting in the chamber of the heart, and the inner Self or Atman which is identical to the Supreme Brahman.

He also argues that even if the Agamas do not derive their authority from the Vedas , they are not mutually antagonistic. Some scholars believe that anything that contradicts the Vedas or is inconsistent with its spirit is not authoritative. According to this perspective, the conceptualizations Puranic and tantric are secondary to the Vedas and Agamas which are Vedic in spirit. From this point of view, the conceptualization of the lingam as a phallic symbol does not have much relevance as Veda and Agama not support this interpretation.