Kheer Payesh

January 08, 2014 Kalyan Panja 0 Comments

The kheer, rice pudding with spices, is called Payesh, a traditional sweet milk-based cream rice with almonds spiced with cinnamon, bay leaves, cardamom, coriander, chopped and pounded to a paste white, soft and sticky and has served as a kind of pudding, usually prepared during special holidays. The preparation is simple and requires no culinary skills excelled, or hard to find ingredients. In winter it can be served hot, and cold in the summer. A unique recipe to delight the palate in any season-with little effort and in a short time.

Very common in Bengal, is usually consumed throughout the year, although it is a sweet characteristic in particular of the Bengali New Year, Nababarsha. According to tradition, is prepared in a distinctive ceremony. In this practice, the rice, previously soaked and then cooked, is ground in a traditional mortar oversized with a mallet. This process is usually done by two people working in pairs the first tamp rhythmically with the kine and the second turns and humidifies the rice understandably, considerable coordination is required to perform this maneuver without obstruct each other.

However, in recent times the Payesh is usually reserved for exceptional events, because of this hard work, and to make Payesh so hasty in the life of every day it is customary to use the automatic machines that grind and knead rice in a short time and efficiently.

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