Jamai Sasthi

Purnima: Full Moon

According to Hindu tradition, the demon Holika traps during winter nature and men in an icy stasis, curbs the desire of the seeds to life, the impulses of love, clip the wings of birds. Then the full moon of February, the Tithi white, brings the party Phalguna, which celebrates the life energy with the return of sounds and colors. Occult power cosmic issues an order and the forces of regeneration hidden in creatures and elements are activated, expressing their essence.

Along the trunks and stems back to the sap flow rapid and fruitful, in the veins of the blood pulsing creatures full of new strength, light up the passions of love and joy to exist, the colors explode finally in variegated blooms: the tree of sesame with its silky soft pale green flowers, mango, covered with blooms of a rich golden yellow, while a vivid ocher palpitate the warm south wind rose petals of cherry branches, purple buds of the tree kachnar.

The land, which in the winter doldrums according to the ancient knowledge has maintained the highest degree of wakefulness and fervor of germination, now sketched the prodigious multicolored representation of this dream, from the etheric stresses and vibrations. Slowly, the dream phase will evolve to saturation vegetative summer, which is in reality the greatest neglect inertia. But now, with the colors back movement, dynamism, playful medley the raslila, the circle that the god Krishna dancing on the glades of the woods with the Gopis, the divine cowherd.

His magical flute activates all the elements of nature. then the blue skinned god descends into the streets and take part in the myths and cheerful skirmishes of the festival of Holi, along with Radha, as beautiful as the full moon, on the more diluted the water in which they are more imaginative plant pigments.

Even from the windows and terraces, women pay on passers powder colorful and fragrant flower petals. Meanwhile parade marches preceded by musicians of cymbals and drums and children armed with wooden swords. Lead to burn articulated puppet of the demon Holika. Only when his evil simulacrum will be reduced to ashes, the gloomy winter has given way to the radiant spring.