Jamai Sasthi

Jhulan Yatra

One of the most beautiful festivals is the Jhulan Yatra. Jhulan mean swing. Then comes Sravana. The rainy season. The sky is filled with black clouds and thunder feel very strong. It rains, it rains a lot. Everybody has fun shooting in the rain refreshing and children play in the mud. Even animals are more happy and relieved.

They feel the peacocks sing and dance can be seen. The lawns become more green and the leaves of the trees are more brilliant and more green. All seems more beautiful. Although the rain makes a refreshing effect, the air is filled with moisture. The clothes cling to the body and all looking for a little in the breeze.

Devotees prepare a swing Jhulan for the Radha and Krishna. It is a very nice ceremony and anyone can go to push the swing. And the occurrence of a Lila hobby between Radharani the eternal companion of Krishna and Krishna God, the Supreme Person, the Cause of all causes in which they push by his devotees on a swing.