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Presidency College University

Presidency University earlier Hindu College and Presidency College a public state university one of the first institutes of Western type higher education in Asia is one of the premier institutes of learning of liberal arts and sciences in India and one of the top ranked institutions. Founded by Raja Ram Mohan Roy and established in 1817, it is the oldest educational institution in India.

The Presidency College Kolkata is a prestigious educational institution in the world, among the oldest in India. The institution, whose official name in full is Hindu College, was officially founded in 1817 with the foundation by Raja Ram Mohan Roy. Presidency College is declared a separate entity from ' University of Calcutta but, being the only organization, the two institutions are regarded as a unique corpus.

The college is located in the center of Kolkata, College Street, in front of College Square. The university covers an area of 220,000 m², including the main complex of the college and the University Campus. The university's structure is inspired by the confederate model already in use at the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, where central administration the university to delegate certain functions to several colleges.

The anomaly represented by Presidency College is due to the fact that this is the only college of the university, to which all members of the university are also members of Presidency College and, of course, vice versa. Currently, colleges and universities maintain separate budgets and executive bodies, and the various competencies are defined in the statute joint. According to international rankings, Presidency College is the best university in India and one of the most important in Asia.

The library inside has about a million texts and an important collection of ancient manuscripts, including the famous Book of Tagore. The Presidency College and University have a close and complex, and, in spite of many parts, stating that there is a clear distinction between the two institutions, however they are considered as a unique corpus.

The nineteenth century was a period of great growth in teaching. The college is expanding its educational offer and the importance of ushering in new courses or renovating existing disciplines. Among the main innovations is the adoption of the modern university system currently in use in the and are reorganized courses in law, medicine and theology.

This expansion is accompanied by an enlargement of the structures on campus, with the construction of the museum on the main plaza, and new buildings on the east side for the natural sciences and medicine.


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