Jamai Sasthi

National University of Juridical Sciences

The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences NUJS. The law is the study of law, and by extension the criteria used by the courts in applying the rules, as well as all the judgments delivered by the courts.

The Juris Prudentia was for the Romans the science of law, in origin monopoly of the priestly college of pontiffs, which rivaled the determination of rules of law their work, which was silent on specific cases, formally appeared reconnaissance but in reality created ius, proceeding to his determination not only on the basis of the traditional uses maiorum mores, but also evaluations on an equitable basis, leading to adapt the rule from time to time to the needs. He watched as a continuously evolving interpretation by the work of the pontifical law, which is then enriched as new institutions, remaining in the wake of the traditional institutions.

The monopoly of the papal law lasts until the III century BC, leaving place to a similar activity of interpretation by the courts secular, open to anyone who has gained prestige for their own personal responsibility in the matter. It must also recognize the merit elaboration of case law have created new concepts that respond to the changing needs that characterize our time.

Note that, since there is no written sources of law, the activities of the college of priests gave rise to serious and reasonable doubts probably arbitrary, especially when a dispute was between a patrician noble and a commoner. For this reason, almost certainly, it has come to the drafting of the Laws of the Twelve Tables.

In fact, almost all lawyers in preparing their own legal documents in practice and demands an explanation from the judge, all cited legal precedents favorable they can find, even those issued by appellate courts or even courts and justices of the peace, in the absence of the most authoritative sources new cases not yet reached a point of law. In addition, the background is basic to draft legal opinions for his client. It obviously tends to advise against legal action if similar cases in the Court of Cassation has ruled unfavorably.


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