Jamai Sasthi

Citizens Park

Mohor Kunja Citizens Park named after Mohor di located on Cathedral Road by the side of Victoria Memorial near to rabindra sadan metro and maidan metro station is a public urban park in Kolkata set up in 2005. A city park, also called urban park, public park, or other similar names, it is a green area is located within the city or in its immediate vicinity, with the aim of providing to the citizens and other visitors to a recreational area in contact with nature.

Public parks are ideal places to practice sports to keep in shape, such as jogging, use of bicycle or just walking. The city parks, along with other green spaces such as gardens and tree-lined streets contribute significantly to decrease the air pollution and noise of the highly urbanized areas. Normally they are placed within public parks, schools, oratories, beaches, or commercial activities. The playground in modern cities try to address the lack of opportunities for free play outdoors and is also an important first opportunity for socializing outside of school and other activities regulated.

Modern playgrounds are equipped with traditional slides, swings "swinging" and "tilting" , swings, roundabouts and potholes with sand , which is increasingly complemented by new games such as houses, spring games, cable cars , gyms, play with ' water towers and bridges, climbing structures and pyramids in rope. These games are often connected together in a single structure theme, more or less large.

In recent years, draws attention to the safety of the equipment and to consider the playground as an organic whole, on the basis of a balanced and varied leisure time offer. The materials have become more diversified use of steel in the first playgrounds (70) was joined as wood and plastic, rigid structures and furniture have been replaced by more attractive and less dangerous twine and netting of rope. Since 1998 the European standards EN1176 (equipment for playgrounds) and EN1177 (surface coatings of play areas) regulate the technical characteristics of the equipment and the UNI 11123: 2004, the design of parks and outdoor play areas.

Often play area for the kids there are also many facilities for all ages such as bike paths , bike trails, marble tracks, tracks for roller skates , obstacles and ramps for skateboarding , giant chess, mazes , tables, ping Tennis and arenas.

Playgrounds can also be installed inflatable structures , but require mandatory supervision of a skilled operator. In 2007 was issued specific rules on the safety of this equipment that goes under the name of UNI EN 14960: 2007, inflatable play equipment - Safety requirements and test methods.