Jamai Sasthi

Kolkata Summer

Usually in Bengal summer is a period of long holidays for students of all ages. The starting dates of the suspension of school activities is during June. In general, in the summer holidays begin in the first weeks of June, leading up to the first days of July for examinations are to be addressed even in the heat of the season, while generally the months of August and September are clear of any activity.

In the United States the situation is the same, with the exception of the college, for which the holidays begin at the end of May. In the UK, usually the schools close in mid-July; however, Scotland take their own measures with holidays from mid-June to mid-August. The summer weather is the season when the temperatures are higher and the air is warmer. In the summer astronomical the duration of the day begins to gradually decrease and, consequently, to lengthen the one of the night .

We conclude that the duration of the holidays and their start following environmental factors, to which the Nordic countries such as Sweden and Norway they start school a little first Mediterranean States in order to hold back any longer students at home during periods winter, when the weather does not permit the full lessons.

In the southern hemisphere, the dates of the school summer holidays include the major holidays of Christmas and New Year, because the seasons are opposite. The school summer holidays in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa starting in mid-December and ends in late January, with dates vary between states. This is the time of year when the sun reached its highest point on the horizon , June 20, begins to descend, until 23 September, the day of equinox of autumn, when the length of day equals to that of the night. On average, during the summer astronomical, you can reach the highest temperatures in the second half of July.