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Kolkata Maidan

Kolkata Maidan

Kolkata is a city chaotic, full of traffic, pollution, noise and odors, which, although in my opinion can give the charm to a city so, it can become suffocating after a while. Like any big city in India, Calcutta has among its attractions a huge park, the size and the location could be considered the Central Park in India, where locals and visitors who come here find a safe haven where the air is cool and do not think for a few minutes to the city that offers them shelter.

Maidan park, a vast expanse of land where there are gardens, cricket pitches, comfortable niches for drinking a fruit juice and even buy an ice cream. In the park you can experience situations Maidan really curious to get confronted by a shepherd a goat herder in the city center, another experience that you can not miss in the Maidan park is to see one of the training sessions of cricket, the national sport of many amateur teams that meet in this ideal place to practice their game.


  1. I much enjoyed reading this post. A great intro to your city. And, I had never heard of laughing clubs prior to reading this...
    Also, thanks for your words of wisdom and encouragement.

    Have a great day!


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