Jamai Sasthi

New Market Kolkata

Before leaving Kolkata shopping is a must in the New market or Sir Stuart Hogg Market. The architecture of the market dates back to the seventeenth century and is fabulous. Like most good things in the city, this has also undergone a change in recent renovations and the growing number of tourists. It is still a great experience, where you can find everything and at all prices from gold, jewels, silks, saris, spices, teas and even food products.

About the spice to visit the wards dedicated to them you will be assailed by the most varied and intense scents and you'll be intoxicated. As usual you will be assailed by vendors who you want to bring to your store and will not let you go where you want. Then when you think you've found an interesting thing to make you sit, you have the chai tea and hot milk and then starts negotiation long-drawn you never know if the price paid is a bargain for yourself or for the seller.

The functionality of the building is particularly evident inside, where light filters plentiful from the high windows on which the shed and returns the result of an outdoor market. The layout of the stores is not random, with the foreground fruit and vegetables, the ground floor for butchers, grocers, I formed and fishmen, divided into areas.

The New Market was built around the middle of the 18th century in the heart of the city, just a few steps from Chowringhee. Initially, it was intended for the sale of  luxury goods, but today all kinds of goods and souvenirs are sold.

However, the deal is also a business! Take it with joy and spend a lovely day from all points of view. Calcutta is silence in the midst of so much noise there's all the streets, there are so many people many children. And that's the beauty of Calcutta!