Jamai Sasthi

Kolkata Mango

There is hardly a person who doesn't enjoy a slice of a luscious Mango during summer and rightly so is considered the king of fruits. The arrival of the first batch of mangoes mostly coincides with the kalboishakhi, the nor'wester that lashes the city during the pre-monsoon months.

Crates of crimson Gulab Khas followed by some succulent Chausa to golden-brown Totapuris make their way to the fruit stalls of the city. And then slowly and steadily, the most popular ochre Him Sagar's or green Dussehri and golden-skinned Langda start  invading the Kolkata markets.

From mango exhibition-cum-sales, mega fairs to big shops and shopping marts lure the customers with special offers on mangoes. Even sweets and cookie shops cash in on the mango madness by introducing special mango range of desserts, mousse, pastries, puddings and cakes, with fresh mango slices on top. 

The signature ingredient of any cuisine during this time of the year is almost always the mango. Raw Mango Juice is a perfect drink for summer to keep body temperatures cool. 


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