Jamai Sasthi

Bengal Elections

It is Election time these days when volumes and tempers are in full pitch in Kolkata, because the city takes politics very seriously. Kolkata’s streets are filled with signs and flags for a staggering number of political parties. Women are a powerful force in Indian politics, although they are quite rare in the public sphere of urban life.

After 34 years in power, the Communists in Indians rake in the defeat of the right in the red stronghold West Bengal. Internal scandals, mismanagement of politics and especially the advent of industrialization that has projected India as an economic power in the world have crumbled the image of the Marxists in the country.

Local elections have seen, however, triumph regional parties. After a marathon election, was sent home defeated the wunderkind of the Indian left, the red buddha Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee who dreamed of combining marxism with the market economy and transform Calcutta into a new Shanghai.

For the first time after 34 years, the Communist Party, which still boasts the title of Marxist, has lost power in the eastern state of West Bengal, considered one of the most democratic governments communists life expectancies in the world. The decline had started a few years ago when Mamata Banerjee, a woman of 56 years, in flip flops and cotton sari, had led the revolt of the peasants against the Tata factory in Singur.

Banerjee, known as Didi big sister, where her party, the Trinamool Congress, won 177 seats out of a total of 294, leaving the left to a minimum of 63 in Bengal Assembly. The reformer Bhattacharjee, victorious in the 2006 vote, was defeated in his own constituency and in the afternoon announced his resignation as chief minister.

Several are the reasons for the debacle in the bastion of red, one of the most progressive states. The historic Communist leader  has lost even if very little in favor of a coalition of a regional party and the Congress. The angry Buddha should only blame himself the headline in the Mail Today, referring to the veteran left Bengal, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, and that is alienated the masses by bringing the left to ruin.

The Times of India accused the Deng Xiaoping policy Bengali have abandoned their base and having made arrangements with the major industry of the Tata Group and Indonesian Salim to start the industrialization of the state. But in this way, broke the delicate social balance by creating a popular discontent with the confiscation of the lands of farmers and the violent protests in Singur and Nandigram.

The victor of the vote Mamata Banerjee, dubbed Demolition Didi from nickname Didi which means big sister. The press devotes ample space to the parable of the pasionaria peasants who for two years and Minister of Railways and has demolished the red bastion of Calcutta.