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Howrah Bridge

Impressive, majestic giants. From here run hundreds of thousands of people a day. Lives intersecting destinies that run, sliding doors that are avoided. A whole of humanity runs through them every day, and often go unnoticed. But not in this case. Not when it comes to the world's busiest bridges. Howrah Bridge popularly known as Rabindra Setu spanning over river Hooghly is enumerated amongst the busiest cantilever bridges in the World.

The bridge carries a traffic of around 60,000 vehicles and a lakh pedestrians everyday. This is found in India and is walked daily by more than 100 thousand vehicles and about 150 thousand pedestrians . Different types with respect to the George Washington Bridge, but in the same way traffic record.
Howrah Bridge in Calcutta, built in 1943, is a cantilever bridge built entirely of steel. Its essential measurements are 97 meters in height and 705 in length. The bridge connects Kolkata with the twin city Howrah, separated by Hooghly River. On 14 June 1965 it was also renamed Rabindra Setu. The bridge is one of four on the Hooghly River and is a famous symbol of Kolkata and West Bengal.

How surprising that, in 2007, this bridge was shown had the greatest vehicular capacity compared any other bridge in the world. 106 million vehicles are that each year traverse the gigantic structure: it is the busiest bridge for motor vehicles in the world. Here, the speed limit is 70 km per hour , but often you can not even pass the 20 traffic is really impressive.


  1. Beautiful bridge capture. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  2. Wow, a bridge built with no nuts or bolts sounds a bit scary, but obviously it works! And looks nice, especially with the sunset (sunrise?).

  3. Belatedly, «Louis» thanks you for this fine contribution to Sunday Bridges.

  4. Beautiful shot, I love the silhouette effect against the sun!


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