Jamai Sasthi

College Street

The love for books is so strong in Kolkata that Kolkata has a kind of colony of books stores named by the College Street, where books of all types and genres are available. Dominating the center of the area is the College Square. The leafy walk surrounding the pool is occupied by various people spending their leisure time. Kolkata has also its association with notable authors like Max Muller, Ruskin Bond etc. It was here that three leading newspapers published Ruskin Bond's stories at the beginning of his career and set him on my path as an author.

Calcutta is also the city that is home to three universities and College Street is known as the intellectual center of India, in which the arts and sciences are venerated. Around there are libraries, printers, publishers and retailers have kiosks with wooden sign which appears in the owner's name, address, specialization: Bengali, English, Hindi, Urdu, history, religion, politics.

Important large library Dasgupta, open every day except Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm. And run by 4 generations of the same family of booksellers. College Street is a street famous not only for its bookshops, but also for the Indian Coffee House, at the junction with Mahatma Gandhi Road where there met intellectuals.

In West Bengal this library is considered one of the most prestigious commercial activities of the state, just think says the owner that every time we need representatives of the booksellers are meeting in Delhi with politicians or even the president. College street is a paradise for all lovers of books, where the authors meet every day their publishers. And where the readers are also writers and where it can happen that a bookseller sells his books after reading them.


  1. Of all the books, in all the world, there is I notice a book Mr Nice by Howard Marks. I have this book, 3 ft from me as I type this, he lives here in Leeds and is part owner of a local bar, a film was made about his life recently.
    But on a different note books are more than mere paper and pages. Give a child an appreciation of the written word and you give them the world.


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